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Works WithIIS 7
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Updated onJune 24, 2008
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This tool lets you find out what all pipeline notifications a native IIS7 module has registered to.


1. Finds what all request and global notifications a module subscribes to.
2. Works without affecting a running IIS7 server.


This information can be useful for new module writers as they can be more aware of which modules will run before and after their module is supposed to run. Based on this information, users might want to reorder entries under <system.webServer/modules> and <system.webServer/handlers> section (to understand more about order, read This tool can also help people understand usage of a particular module based on which people can decide if they want to keep the module in the pipeline or not.


This tool can be used only on IIS7 or higher system to find registration information of a module which uses new WSAPI APIs.