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Updated onJune 24, 2008
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IIS7 configuration system gives access to IIS config files via a set of COM APIs. You can read/write to IIS configuration using these APIs in a script or C/C++ or using any of the managed language. All the tools which are shipped with IIS like managed APIs (Microsoft.Web.Administration), UI (IIS Manager), WMI provider uses these COM APIs internally to perform all the configuration operations. When you do an action in the UI, UI is making calls to these COM APIs (actually via MWA). Imagine if you could just do an operation using IIS Manager and get the equivalent AhAdmin code which you can copy-paste in your application.


1. Supports both Vista RTM and Vista Sp1 (and Win2K8) version of AhAdmin interface.
2. Generates JavaScript, C# and VB.Net code for UI actions.
3. Standard features like find text, goto line, copying/saving code etc are included.


Programming against AhAdmin COM APIs provided by IIS configuration system requires extensive understanding of these APIs and also IIS schema. Also you are required to know what exactly you want to change in the configuration. So when if you want to enable IIS detailed error messages programmatically, you are required to know which property should be changed to what value to have the desired effect. IIS Manager does present the properties in more readable form which makes it easier to decide what changes you want to make to the system which is helpful to the administrators but not developers. This tools helps you do an operation in UI and gives you JavaScript/C#/VB.Net code to do the same programmatically.


1. X86 system running IIS7 - AhAdmin code generator will not work on x64 systems as this tool uses detours express edition and not professional edition which supports x64.
2. Won't work in remote manager case - Because of the way this tool works, you cannot use it when IIS Manager is connected to a remote box.