IIS 7.0 IIS Manager extension to Find Debug Modules

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DocumentationIIS 7.0 IIS Manager extension to Find Debug Modules Documentation
Updated onApril 30, 2008
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Often assemblies are built in debug mode and deployed on production servers causing performance degradation. Using this module you can scan all your website folders to find .net modules that are built in debug mode.



1. You will have to add the assembly to the GAC on the server

gacutil /if FindDebugModules.dll

(or) Drag and Drop the dll to the c:\Windows\assembly folder

2. Register the module in the administration.config

Under <moduleProviders> you will have to add

<add name="FindDebugModules" type="vijaysk.FindDebugModulesProvider, FindDebugModules, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=2d42d2dbeb800be5" />

And under <location path=".">    <modules> you will have to add
<add name="FindDebugModules" />

Once you open IIS Manager you should see the module listed under the Others category.


Once you click the "Scan Now..." button the module scans all the websites to find the folders where you website content is stored. Then it loads all the dlls in those paths and checks if they are built in debug mode.


Using this module you can ensure that the assemblies on your production servers are always built in Release mode.


IIS 7.0

.Net Version 2.0