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Works WithIIS 6
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Updated onNovember 26, 2007
Uploaded byvijaysk


Tool to recover websites from a stale metabase.xml


USAGE : It is a console application so unzip the exe in a folder. Copy the current working metabase.xml and the backed up metabase.xml into the same folder. Then run


Metabaseimport <current_metabase.xml> <old_metabase.xml>


This will generate a file called NewMetaBase.xml with the Server Settings of the current working metabase.xml and the websites/ftp sites from the old metabase.xml. Stop IIS services. Replace the metabase in the inetsrv folder with the NewMetaBase.xml and start the IIS services. You will have all the old sites.




This application is not perfect it manages to do most of the dirty stuff. Let me know if you find it useful or if it fails.