Parallels Small Business Panel 10.1

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Works WithIIS 6, IIS 7
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Updated onApril 26, 2010
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Broaden your offerings, increase revenue per user, and reduce support costs. Parallels Small Business Panel is the simplest, yet most powerful and profitable hosting control panel for service providers in the market today. Integrated with the Parallels® Partner Marketplace , it accelerates your ability to generate profit from your VPS and dedicated server offerings and allows your SMB end-users to easily manage their IT services.


Give Your Customers Control

Parallels Small Business Panel allows you to better service your customers by offering an easy-to-use control panel to manage their business IT needs. Through the Parallels Partner Marketplace or the APS Catalog, you can offer your users the latest business applications they need to succeed online, while accelerating your participation in the cloud computing revenue stream.

Don’t Let Your Servers Go Naked

Differentiate and broaden your services by delivering a simple, yet powerful control panel solution with every VPS and dedicated server offering. The super-intuitive interface allows you to add depth to your offerings with little effort, and gives your end users another value-added reason to host their sites with you!

Easily Offer SaaS Apps

Parallels Small Business Panel lets you rapidly participate in the growing software-as-a-service (SaaS) space with little development effort. Parallels will take care of the setup, provisioning, licensing, billing and management of SaaS apps through the Parallels Partner Marketplace. End user customers (SMBs) will see the Marketplace in the control panel and can self serve hosted and desktop applications with a few clicks of the mouse.

Gain New Revenue Streams

Offer your customers add-on on applications like SpamAssassin, Helpdesk, Tomcat, ColdFusion and MSSQL for increased average revenue per user (ARPU). Pick and choose from hundreds of commercial business apps in the APS Catalog to offer to your end users or sell a "power plan" and offer your users access to the entire application library.

Lower Call Frequency

Parallels Small Business Panel can be operated with little or no knowledge of servers. The super-intuitive interface was designed to reduce end user reliance on IT support. The interface is easy to learn for all levels of users, with all functions presented in a logical and obvious layout.

Make it Easy for Your Users

Set-up wizards and content editors make complicated online tasks easy. Parallels Small Business Panel provides end users with one interface to manage and control all online operations — from managing user roles, domains, e-mail, applications, scripts, and file sharing, to creating and deploying websites — ensuring that even novice users can easily navigate and perform online operations quickly.


Intuitive user interface
All functions presented in a logical and obvious layout to help users get up to speed fast.

Domain management
Register domain names, set up website access, and view visitor statistics.

Site builder tool
Create professional-looking websites in minutes — no technical skills required.

Huge application catalog
Browse a wide variety of applications designed to help you stay in step with technology and to compete online.

One-click access to new Marketplace
Install commercial applications or use web-based apps without any special training or technical knowledge.

Roles-based user set up
Role assignments allow users to see only the tools designated for them.

Open source applications
Add on apps such as SpamAssassin, Application Pack, Helpdesk, Tomcat, ColdFusion and MSSQL.

Collaboration and productivity tools
Time tracking, email, CRM, file sharing, blogs and other apps to maximize employee productivity.

API for hosting automation
Enables integration to external systems for automation.

Integrated billing system
Designed specifically for service providers in need of recurring billing.

Reseller layer
Resellers can sign up their own clients and resell web hosting services.


·         RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.0 — 5.4
·         CentOS 5
·         Fedora 8
·         Fedora 11
·         openSUSE 10.3
·         openSUSE 11.1
·         Debian 4.0
·         Debian 5.0
·         Ubuntu 8.04 LTS
·         Windows Server 2003 SP2 Web Edition
·         Windows Server 2003 SP2 Standard Edition
·         Windows Server 2003 SP2 Enterprise Edition
·         Windows Server 2003 SP2 Datacenter Edition
·         Windows Server 2008 SP1 Standard Edition
·         Windows Server 2008 SP1 Enterprise Edition
·         Windows Server 2008 SP1 Datacenter Edition
·         Windows Server 2008 R2