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Works WithIIS 6, IIS 7
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Updated onDecember 11, 2009
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DebugFinder scans for any debug managed modules loaded in your process plus also scans your server (Win2k3/Vista/Win2k8/win7) for checking the value of the Debug attribute in the web.config files.


Feature 1: This tool will attach non-invasively to any currently running process on the system based on the PID provided and finds out if any managed modules that are loaded is a DEBUG or a RELEASE build. That way you can find out at run time which managed modules referenced in the current process are deployed as release versus debug builds. Once done it then detaches from the attached process without terminating it. Feature 2: We know that it is always recommended to have DEBUG attribute set to false in a Web.Config file in a production server. This tool scans the machine for the Web applications that are configured in IIS. It looks for the Web.Config files corresponding to all the web applications configured in IIS and checks if they have the DEBUG attribute set to true or false and notifies in the display. The Debug flag checking in the Web.Config file works for the web applications running in IIS 6.0/IIS 7.0/7.5 by this tool.


It is recommended to use Release builds in a production application. This tool helps keeps track of any debug build assembly that is being referenced from the GAC at runtime by the process apart from the modules loaded from its current working directory if any. It is recommended to have the Debug flag set to false in the Web.Config file for an ASP.Net web app. This tool helps find out which web app on the server might have this settings turned on by mistake.


.Net framework 2.0