DelegConfig v2 beta (Delegation / Kerberos Configuration Tool)

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Works WithIIS 6, IIS 7
DocumentationDelegConfig v2 beta (Delegation / Kerberos Configuration Tool) Documentation
Updated onJune 10, 2009
Uploaded bybrian-murphy-booth


This is an ASP.NET application used to help troubleshoot and configure IIS and Active Directory to allow Kerberos and delegating Kerberos credentials.


  • Supports IIS 6.0 as well as IIS 7.0 (useKernelMode / useAppPoolCredentials)
  • Allows adding backend servers of type UNC, HTTP, LDAP, OLAP, SQL, SSAS, and RDP
  • Allows chaining of multiple hops (versus only a single backend)
  • Performs duplicate SPN check against all trusted domains.
  • /Set/SPNs.aspx - Allows adding and removing of ServicePrincipalNames
  • /Set/Delegation.aspx - Allows changing Trust for Delegation settings.
  • /Set/Providers.aspx - Allows correcting of inadequate NTAuthenticationProviders settings.
  • /Report.aspx - Gives a picture of what is right and what is wrong.
  • /Wizard.aspx - A set of wizard steps that supports adding more tiers to /Report.aspx.
  • /Test.aspx - Allows double-hop tests for webServer-to-Sql or webServer-to-fileServer or webServer-to-webServer


  • IIS 6.0 or IIS 7.0
  • ASP.NET 2.0 or higher