Zend Server Community Edition

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Works WithIIS 5, IIS 5.1, IIS 6, IIS 7
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Updated onApril 16, 2009
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The free community edition of Zend Server enables you to set up a complete PHP environment in minutes, and run non-critical PHP applications in development, testing and production. The most robust PHP stack for Windows, Zend Server Community Edition provides native MSI support, native IIS support, SQL Server for PHP, FastCGI, and more.


  • All-in-one native installers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS:
    • A certified PHP distribution
    • Zend Framework
    • Apache (or IIS integration)
    • MySQL (on Windows)

  • Out-of-the-box connectivity to all common databases
  • Java code connectivity
  • Web-based PHP administrator console
  • Application performance optimization


  • Minimize the time you spend on setting up and maintaining a complete PHP stack
  • Use a pre-integrated, tested runtime environment
  • Avoid configuration issues by using the same runtime environment in development, testing and production
  • Enhance your application performance through built-in caching and bytecode acceleration



  • Windows x86 and x86-64:
    • Windows XP SP 2 and up
    • Windows Vista (except for "Starter Edition")
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows Server 2008
  • Linux x86 and x86-64:
    • RPM packages: RHEL 5.0 and up, CentOS 5.0 and up, Fedora Core 7.0 and up, Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.0 and up 
    • DEB packages: Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 and up, Ubuntu Linux 7.10 and up