IIS Passwords Sync

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Works WithIIS 6
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Updated onOctober 15, 2008
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IIS Passwords Sync is a command line tool. And it is free! IIS 6.0 web sites run under anonymous user accounts. It is IUSR_<machine name> (by default) or other user accounts created by your web hosting control panel. The users' passwords are set automatically and are never known. However, sometimes for some reason the passwords get out of sync or corrupted and need to be reset. The easiest way to reset these passwords is to use IIS Passwords Sync program. It extracts the passwords that Microsoft IIS 6.0 has in its metabase and updates the accounts in Local Users and Groups to use that passwords.


Allows to recover (synchronize with Windows) passwords of anonymous user accounts of IIS web sites.


  • Saves hours of time if you have lots of websites. 
  • No installation required! No configuration required. Just run it and enjoy.


IIS 6.0