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Updated onNovember 26, 2007
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DotNetPanel DotNetPanel is unique feature-rich solution for simplifying Windows hosting management operations. It manages multiple servers, has robust, scalable and secure architecture, it's very simple in use, offers competitive pricing and great support! Ease of Use The installation process is quick and easy. You don't need to spend days to make your control panel work for you! more » Security DotNetPanel uses the most advanced security technologies like asymmetric cryptography, Web Services messages signing and process isolation. more » Multi-Server DotNetPanel is a truly distributed, scalable, n-tier application. more » Support The real quality of a product is its ultimate support. Our support team is friendly, enthusiastic and responsive. more » Price DotNetPanel has the most attractive prices in today's Windows-based hosting solutions more »



You can start with DNP 10 Web Sites license for FREE and without time limitations!

Just download DNP Configuration Studio, install DotNetPanel and use it for free!

The only limitations are:

  • Maximum number of web sites you can create is limited to 10
  • You can add for free only one DNP Server installed on the same machine. All additional controlled DNP Server instances should be covered with their separate licenses.


Free SmarterTools Bundle

Get a FREE SmarterTools promotional bundle with every DNP license purchased!

It includes the following software for free:

  • SmarterMail 50 Domains
  • SmarterStats 50 Domains
  • SmarterTicket 5 Agents

* This promotion is not applied to DNP Monthly licenses.


DotNetPanel doesn't have any special requirements to the hardware. Any modern internet server will be suitable for the installation.

It shows quite good performance results even on Celeron 1.8MHz with 1GB of RAM and 40GB hard drive.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Web/Standard/Enterprise editions.
Installed Windows Server 2003 SP1 is recommended (first of all for your own security)

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express or higher