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Works WithIIS 7
DocumentationIIS Reports Documentation
Updated onMarch 7, 2007
Uploaded byCarlosAg


This application extends IIS 7.0 Manager by adding a new Reports option that gives you a few reports of the server and site activity.


  • Reports are scoped on the object selected in IIS Manager, so if server is selected you get a server report including all Sites information, if a site is selected you only get information related to that specific site
  • Export to HTML
  • Printing support
  • Different chart options: Pie, Columns and Lines
  • Built-in Reports:
    • Status Code
    • Hits Per Url
    • Hits by Hour
    • User Agent
    • File Extensions
    • Users
    • Time Taken
    • Win32 Errors
    • Client Machine
    • Http Method
  • Benefits

    Server and Site Reports


    Windows Vista or Windows Longhorn Server

    LogParser 2.2