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Ensim Pro X for Windows is the industry's leading single-server hosting automation and control panel solution for hosted web sites, e-mail, and online applications. It includes comprehensive tools that enable hosting providers to create, control, and deliver a variety of professional-quality hosting plans. Ensim Pro instantly transforms a server into a professional hosting business, supporting robust reseller capabilities and third-party application integration. A FREE Ensim Pro X promotional license is now available for a limited time, along with an updated web services API and a comprehensive Power Tools framework.


Pre-integrated with core Microsoft hosting applications, Ensim Pro for Windows includes all the necessary tools needed to build and grow a professional hosting business, including:

.NET framework pre-installed to support ASP.NET hosting
Advanced customization tools, including an open API and custom skin development kit to extend and differentiate your hosting business
Tools to quickly set up new users with minimal burden on your technical staff, including a professionally designed user interface and quick start guides
User-level spam filtering to prevent the displacement of important email messages. Ensim Pro is the first control panel to give hosting service providers full control of spam at the user level. Other control panel solutions impose global spam settings that may not be applicable to all users
Server-level virus scanning to keep your servers, your customers and their customers safe from email borne virus attacks
Unique security features through a virtual private system that locks down shared server data and prevent theft of customer data
Extensibility with Power Tools, a powerful installer that allows users to easily add the most popular web applications to their site
A vast directory of more than 100 complementary solutions to further automate your hosting business


Windows Certified
As the only Microsoft Gold certified software provider in the control panel and hosting automation industry, Ensim has worked closely with Microsoft in order to create a superior control panel. Ensim Pro has gone through extensive testing and is now Windows-certified, ensuring the highest level of quality to our customers.

Incomparable Security

Ensim Pro is the only control panel software that includes a virtual private file system to create the industry's most secure hosting environment. Gain peace of mind by safely delegating remote access and scripting tools to your customers, knowing you will never compromise their data.

Effortless Management Interface
Using Ensim Pro is intuitive and fast. Administrators easily navigate to the tasks they need, and taking care of business never seemed so quick. Ensim Pro handles most of the set-up work that was previously done manually, saving time and resources.

Rich, Flexible Features
Ensim Pro includes service plan management tools that help you serve a broader customer base. These tools simplify bundling popular Web applications and server resources into any number of individualized and targeted service plans.

Scalability for Growth, Stability for Customer Satisfaction
Ensim Pro was built to handle service providers of any size, with unsurpassed stability. When your reputation is on the line with strict service level agreements, Ensim's control panels ensure a superior level of customer satisfaction.

Ability to Build a Profitable Reseller Channel
Ensim Pro's tiered reseller capabilities make it possible to reach more customers and maximize revenue per server. Service providers selling dedicated servers can offer advanced resellers a dedicated server with Ensim Pro control panel software installed. Resellers will appreciate having complete control over the server and their service plans as well as being able to fully manage and support sub-resellers. Sub-resellers also gain full service plan management over their hosting resources.

Complete Automation of All Hosting Tasks
Ensim Pro significantly reduces the costs and technical expertise required to manage key hosting activities, such as deploying new sites, configuring users and managing email. Through automation, you can dramatically reduce administration time.

The FREE Ensim Pro X Promotional License with an updated web services API and comprehensive Power Tools framework, is attractive for developers. It also significantly reduces barriers for hosting providers.


Operating System: Microsoft Windows Server 2003 - Standard, Enterprise or Web edition. Ensim Pro X is compatible with the default installation of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Service Pack1 (SP1).

Processor: Intel® Pentium® III 733 MHz or higher recommended.

Memory (RAM): A minimum 256 MB of RAM; 1 GB of RAM is recommended.

Free Disk Space
: 40 GB

File System: NTFS

Connectivity: Network connectivity with internet access.

Web Browser Requirements: Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), version 6.0 or later, with cookies enabled. Using earlier versions of IE or other browsers to access the control panel is not recommended.