Web Performance Monitor

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CategoryImprove Performance
Supported byEmail, Forums
Works WithIIS 5, IIS 5.1, IIS 6
DocumentationWeb Performance Monitor Documentation
Updated onJanuary 31, 2007
Uploaded byjtackabury


Web Performance Monitor is an easy to use web-based performance monitoring application. It allows you to monitor performance counters from your local or remote computer, in real time. It supports all major browsers, supports running over SSL and uses Ajax for smooth updates.


- Web-based, so it’s accessible from anywhere with a web browser
- Uses Ajax technology to allow for smooth, real-time updates
- Monitors local or remote computers
- Fully configurable to monitor all performance counters available on each computer
- Can run with SSL and NTLM authentication for added security
- Tested and works with Firefox 1.0 and higher, Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher and Opera v9.0 and higher
- Easy to setup, even easier to use


Provides real-time monitoring of performance counters using Microsoft's Ajax technology.



- ASP.Net Ajax v1.0