IIS7 Managed Module Starter Kit

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Updated onMarch 19, 2010
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This starter kit aims at simplifying startup for new and existing developers using the new IIS7 managed API. This Visual Studio Content Installer contains a project template for building your first IIS7 Module using the .NET Framework. It contains a readme.htm file to help guide you step-by-step through the development and testing process.


Use this starter kit as the first step to getting started in building your module as it includes the following: 

  • Easy walkthrough sample for bulding a native module
  • Visual Studio installer


The obvious advantage to IIS7 and it's support of development using managed code is it brings to the forefront managed code in the HTTP request processing.  The entire event structure that is supported by IIS7's Native API (C/C++) is also available to managed code developers.

This kit serves as your starting point for developing your first IIS7 managed module: 

  • Review the readme.txt to understand how to use this starter kit
  • Get started today building Managed Code modules


This starter kit only supports the following operating systems (same as IIS7): 

  • Windows Vista
  • Longhorn Server Beta3