SmartPeak Workload Management (WLM)

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Works WithIIS 6
DocumentationSmartPeak Workload Management (WLM) Documentation
Updated onFebruary 5, 2009
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SmartPeak WLM’s comprehensive workload management and optimization allows consolidation of multiple web application pools on to a single IIS server, reducing cost and improving manageability. SmartPeak WLM can be implemented on servers running Microsoft IIS to dynamically partition the allocation of system resources to individual Application Pools within IIS. This enables IT Administrators to dynamically maintain Service Level Agreements whilst consolidating multiple web applications, whether on physical or virtual servers. Even when only a single web application is being hosted on an IIS server, SmartPeak WLM can prevent contention with other system processes. SmartPeak WLM can also help to mitigate the effects of Denial of Service attacks by ensuring that processes are not permitted to monopolize the CPU.